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About Andrew Pearce

Our story begins around the table with a family where food and ideas, aesthetics and functional design, were served daily. Creativity and innovation run deep in the Pearce family. Three generations found their inspiration in raw materials: Andrew’s grandfather, Philip, worked with clay, Andrew’s father, Simon, works in glass. For Andrew, the raw ingredient is wood.

Andrew was raised in a creative environment that is an important part of the Pearce family tradition. He was encouraged by his parents to pursue his passions. After working alongside his father in the glass business for ten years, Andrew decided on a new path: “I wanted to do my own thing, I needed to make something with my hands, and I liked building machines. I wanted to try something that hadn’t been done before, and I knew I wanted to live in Vermont.”

Andrew took a woodworking class with Johannes Michelsen in Manchester, Vermont, and discovered his love for the craft of making wooden bowls. Technical innovation and resourcefulness are very important to Andrew and he values the importance of flexibility, efficiency, and innovation when making things. His wooden bowls combine the artistic integrity of a hand-turned, hand-finished bowl with the efficiency of a machine-made bowl. With equipment and machinery that he designed and helped build, he created a process that produces very little wood waste, minimizes environmental impact, and encourages forest sustainability. He drew upon simplicity, natural curves, and beauty for his bowl designs.

Andrew and his wife, Christy, work together in the business they have created. Christy focuses on sales, marketing, and their new store at their workshop and headquarters in Hartland, Vermont. Andrew and Christy have two young children, Madison and Oliver, each developing their own creative ways to make things.

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